Story of Kingussie

2013 is an important year of regeneration for Kingussie, with festivals taking place each month and the proposed development of the Am Fasgadh museum site and old Courthouse. An important part of this process is the Story of Kingussie project.

What is the Story of Kingussie project?

The project will tell the story of the planned town of Kingussie through the memories of the people who have lived here. The community will share photographs, gather memories from members of the community and search archive materials. An exhibition and virtual story will be created and launched at a celebration party.

Why is it important?

This is a unique opportunity to gather the memories of a town that is witnessing rapid development before they are lost, and to display these memories. It is important that local people have an opportunity to learn about our valuable heritage in a way that is interesting and accessible to all.

How will it be carried out?

We will use collections of written records, photos and oral recordings at the Highland Folk Museum. Residents of the town will also be asked for photographs and memorabilia. We will organise two community events to identify potential interviewees, and to gather photos from residents for scanning and archiving. Volunteers will study and select materials to be included in the physical and virtual exhibitions. We will run a training event to equip community members with the skills to undertake oral history interviews with senior residents of Kingussie. Recordings will be made after which we will transcribe, analyse and interpret them for inclusion in the exhibitions.

Who is the project for?

Everyone in the community. The success of the project depends on people getting involved. School children will have the chance to take part in an art and literary competition and to contribute to the exhibition. Adults have the opportunity to volunteer for what will be a fascinating study of our local heritage. Anyone can bring along old photos to be scanned for the exhibition. Older residents can have their stories recorded by an interviewer for posterity. Finally, everyone can celebrate the completion of the project at the launch of the exhibition.

If you would like more information; or if you would like to get involved, either as an interviewer or to help in any other way; or if you think you could provide old photos, stories or other material, please contact us at:
Telephone 01540 661569

1 thought on “Story of Kingussie

  1. Onno and I appreciate what you are doing regarding the project “Story of Kingussie”.This would be an exciting record of the Town not only for current residents but those who stay away. As you are aware our site “Kingussie Photographs and comments”has had very good and varied input covering a time period in excess of 100 years so feel free to use any materials that we have published.
    Regards, Dennis.

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