A biography of the people featured in The Story of Kingussie can be downloaded here (in Microsoft Word format):

Tom Wade biography
Thanks sheet for exhibition 2 pages
S M Noble biography 2 pages
Shelagh Stirling biography
Ray Smillie biography
Mary Mackenzie biography
John Moyce biography
John Macpherson biography
John Johnstone biography
Joe Taylor biography
Jim Dallas biography
Isobel Harling biography
Isobel Denoon Biography
Intro page for folder 2 pages
Hamish Johnstone biography
Gillean Clark Biography
G Ferguson biography
G and M Duncan biography
Donnie and Janice Grant Biographies 2 pages
BOHP biographies 5 pages
Billy Cowan biography
AM FLetcher biography
Ali MacLean and Ally Meade biography
Alastair White Biography


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